Breastfeeding Basics

I truly believe that breastfeeding can make a difference in a baby’s and a mother’s life in so many aspects. Because breastfeeding is not only about milk. I wish all the moms knew that and I wish all the moms were more informed and supported when they chose whether or not to breastfeed their babies. I often get asked “how can I get prepared for breastfeeding?”. Find the right information and know who can support you. It can be anyone who has successfully breastfed her baby. Your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, a good friend or a professional. Do your research before you give birth.

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How to survive the holidays with a newborn

Surviving the holidays with a newborn can be both joyful and challenging! I thought of sharing some tips that will hopefully help you navigate this special time: Set realistic expectations: Understand that your usual holiday traditions may need to be adjusted to accommodate your newborn's needs. Not only for your own family but also for your parents, in-laws or friends that you used to celebrate these days with. Be flexible and focus on creating new, simpler traditions. Because one of the skills we develop as new parents is flexibility!

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Love at first sight?

We often see films or commercials, or read in books or we have heard from other moms that the moment they held their newborn in their arms, they fell in love. Instantly. Without doubt and without questioning. Yes, it can happen that you instantly fall in love with your baby the moment you look at her. But it can also be that these feelings come after some days or weeks. It can be that falling in love with your baby takes time. And that is OK! Love WILL come!

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Why did I become a Postpartum Doula

The ideas for my blog posts most of the times come when I am doing something not related to my job. When I am vacuuming or washing the dishes for example. So, yesterday I thought, what if I share my why. Why, although my studies and my background is completely different, I chose to invest time and get my training as a postpartum doula. Because of my story.

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How to find a Midwife in Berlin

In Germany, every pregnant person is entitled to the support of a midwife throughout their pregnancy, the birth, and the postpartum period. Although not mandatory, many families find it helpful to have a midwife who can support them during pregnancy and provide regular check-ups for the mother and baby after birth, along with valuable advic

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Dear Mama,

I hear you. Whether it’s your first baby, or your second or third. Being pregnant, giving birth is a lot of work. Hard work. Then you have your baby in your arms. You might instantly fall in love. And you might not. It might not happen instantly. It’s ok, it’s normal, it has happened to many moms. Love will come. For some people, it takes time, it’s a new person you are meeting after all. Falling in love might take time, but it will come.

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