Dear Mama,

I hear you. Whether it’s your first baby, or your second or third.

Being pregnant, giving birth is a lot of work. Hard work. Then you have your baby in your arms. You might instantly fall in love. And you might not. It might not happen instantly. It’s ok, it’s normal, it has happened to many moms. Love will come. For some people, it takes time, it’s a new person you are meeting after all. Falling in love might take time, but it will come.

Stay close to your baby, find ways to establish the bond between you two. Motherhood is not what we see in commercials: a happy mom, perfectly dressed, with make up on who’s singing a lullaby while walking slowly towards the door, switching off the light and the baby is sanely sleeping in his crib through the night!

I want to tell you that the baby in the commercial is the exception. Your baby will most probably need to stay close to you for the first weeks of his life. Because he’s suddenly out in the big world and you are his safe place. He knows your voice, your smell, your touch.

I hear you mama. The transition might be rough for you. A tiny new human whose presence is so powerful but who is depending on you in order to survive and to thrive. New routines, new balance in the family, sleepless nights, probably very little time, if any, for yourself.

You don’t have to go through all this on your own. You don’t need to exhaust yourself. I am here to be part of the beginning of your motherhood journey.


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