Get ready for the first days with your baby

Very often, reading such a title refers to stuff you need to buy for your newborn and probably some stuff for yourself. I don’t want to talk about any of that, as my initial thought is how to get mentally ready and practically ready, but on a different level.

What is your vision for the first weeks with your baby? How do you imagine the everyday life? How do you see yourself? Who will be there for you? What will you eat? Where and how will you and your baby sleep?

You know that you are pregnant. You know that pregnancy ends with your baby in your arms. You probably invested some money for a birth class. Most of the moms I know, were not prepared for what it means coming home with a newborn.

You will most probably stop working for at least some weeks. Meaning you will spend more time at home. How about some changes in your home before the baby arrives? Do you need to make some more space? One useful tip is to have a corner where you will be feeding your baby. A comfortable armchair or the couch and next to it a small table where you can have your water (your bottle of water, as many moms feel thirstier than usually during breastfeeding). Next to the water of bottle you can have some healthy (ok, and some non-healthy snacks), your book or your favorite music. Make sure this corner is comfortable, cozy, pleasant and have some pillows around, as they will be good to help you sit more comfortably.

Stock up your pantry. Make sure you have all the provisions, so that you don’t need to go to the supermarket every day. Get some healthy snacks, vegetables, cook and freeze the food in smaller portions.

Make a list of people who can help you during the first weeks. Any help is appreciated and you might be surprised to see how many people are willing to offer a helping hand. Just accept it.

Along with that list, research who are the professionals who can support you with challenges that might come. Postpartum doula if you decide you need support without judgement, tailored to your specific needs, lactation consultant in case you face difficulties with breastfeeding, cleaning service if you can afford it, where you can buy groceries online.

Remember that we are not designed to go through postpartum (or any other special period of our lives) on our own. Mothering days might be long but they don’t have to be lonely!

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