How to survive the holidays with a newborn

Surviving the holidays with a newborn can be both joyful and challenging!
I thought of sharing some tips that will hopefully help you navigate this special time:
Set realistic expectations: Understand that your usual holiday traditions may need to be adjusted to accommodate your newborn’s needs. Not only for your own family but also for your parents, in-laws or friends that you used to celebrate these days with. Be flexible and focus on creating new, simpler traditions.
Because one of the skills we develop as new parents is flexibility!

  • Prioritize rest: Lack of sleep can make everything more challenging. Take turns – at least during the day – with your partner caring for the baby so that both of you can get some rest.
    Set your mind on resting or sleeping with your baby once per day (during his second nap for example).
    Around Christmas there is usually a lot to do, but the first Christmas with your baby can be an exception.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends.
  • Plan quiet time: Babies can be easily overstimulated, so plan some downtime for both you and the baby.
    Find a quiet place for feeding or napping when you’re at gatherings.
    This way you can all be more relaxed and enjoy it more, as usually calm baby means calm parents!
  • Use online shopping: Take advantage of online shopping to avoid crowded malls and stores.
    This can save you time and energy during the busy holiday season.
    If you enjoy shopping though, you can still go for to the stores, just to enjoy the festive atmosphere and buy some decoration or small gifts for your loved ones!
  • Manage visitors: Let friends and family know your boundaries and preferences regarding visits. It’s okay to limit the duration of visits and it is also ok to ask your visitors to bring a healthy, nutritious meal or ask for help with household tasks instead of gifts or entertaining guests.
    Your newborn baby’s and your postpartum body’s needs might be different than the previous years, so adapt according to them and let your loved ones know.
  • Delegate tasks: Don’t be afraid to delegate holiday tasks to others. Whether it’s cooking, decorating, or shopping, ask for assistance from friends and family to lighten your load.
    Christmas time is about love and giving!
  • Travel smart: If you’re traveling, plan for breaks during the journey to feed and change the baby. Pack extra supplies, and plan for a flexible schedule to accommodate the baby’s needs.
    Wearing your baby might be very helpful, especially if you are travelling by train or plane but make sure you have tried that before the day of your trip, so that you and your baby are familiar with it!
  • Create a calm environment: If you decide to have visitors or visit family and friends, try to create a quiet space where you can retreat with the baby if needed. This can be helpful for feeding, napping, or just taking a break.
  • Keep baby gear handy: Whether you are the host or the guest, make sure you have all the necessary baby supplies, including diapers, wipes, feeding essentials, one set of extra clothes for your baby but also for you! Having everything you need in a bag at arm’s reach can reduce stress, so you can enjoy your time more!
  • Capture the moments: Take time to enjoy and capture the special moments with your newborn during the holidays. It’s a unique and precious time, so don’t forget to savor the joy! Remember, every baby is different, so adapt the tips I shared with you all these days to suit your baby’s specific needs. Taking care of yourself and your baby’s well-being should be the priority during the holidays.

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