Primary Maternal Proccupation

What a nice title, right? Can you guess what it is?

You might have heard new moms mentioning that during the first weeks after childbirth, they cannot focus the way they did before. It seems that there is a scientific reason for that.

It was D.W. Winnicott (a British psychoanalyst) who introduced this term. In other, simple words we could say that it is the full attention a new mom is giving to her baby. Winnicott found out that when a woman are about to become mother, meaning during pregnancy already, she are becoming more sensitive and she is focusing more on her babies’ needs.

That different mental state starts during pregnancy and can last weeks after her baby is born. In order for a mom to develop and keep her focus on herself and her baby’s needs, it is important to have a supportive environment around her during this period. It is important that she is taken care of, so that she can observe and cover the needs of her baby. It is important that she feels loved and supported. Like that she can focus on creating the unique bond with her baby.

Having a newborn nowadays can be so overwhelming that moms can lose that window of time and that unique opportunity. Giving birth brings us back to a primitive state of life. The natural instinct to protect our little ones becomes more dominant. But, in order for a mom to be able to protect her little one, she needs to feel that she lives in a protected environment herself. This is why she needs a supportive environment, where she can relax and connect with her baby.


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