Why did I become a postpartum doula

The ideas for my blog posts most of the times come when I am doing something not related to my job. When I am vacuuming or washing the dishes for example. So, yesterday I thought, what if I share my why. Why, although my studies and my background is completely different, I chose to invest time and get my training as a postpartum doula. Because of my story.

Because I want to offer to new moms what I wish I had been offered 10 years ago when I became a mother. I had only moved to Berlin to live with my now husband one year before I gave birth. Coming from a different culture, not speaking the language, not knowing how the health system works, not having any family or support network around me, the beginning of my motherhood journey was rough! No one had prepared me for the changes that came along with my beautiful daughter. I read books yes, books which prepared me for all the changes that come along with the pregnancy, I went to birth preparation classes, but no one, no one told me that birth was not the end. Birth was the beginning!


The beginning of everything having a different meaning. Time was counting differently, cooking was a challenge, having an uninterrupted shower was a challenge. Not to talk about sleeping and feeling rested. Motherhood found me totally happy, ecstatic from the miracle of rowing a tiny human in my body, feeding her from my body, loving her before even knowing what she looked like… But motherhood also found me unsupported, not understood, open to listen to all the, well meant, opinions of close and random people about my choices of how I wanted to raise my baby. Motherhood found me taking care of my baby 24/7 but not been taken cared of.  I didn’t realize back then that this was not supposed to be like that. That new moms are not supposed to be left alone in an apartment with a baby, they are not supposed to do everything plus taking care of their baby, they are not supposed to feel overwhelmed, unhappy and just surviving. New moms should be supported, celebrated, loved, understood. They don’t need to hear all the advice about how they will raise their baby. They need to be taken care of so that they can take care of their little one.

This, this is the reason why I chose to be a postpartum doula. Because I want to offer the help that was not offered to me. Because I want to be the person who will not give unwanted advice, because I want to be the person who will listen, the person who will not judge, for moms like you, who live in a different country than the one they were born and raised, either by choice or because they don’t have a choice. Moms who have to face more challenges because they are foreigners, because they don’t have family around to support them or because although they have family around, they don’t get the support they need.

I want to be that person. And I want it with all my heart.


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